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Weight loss surgery in Houston and Cypress can truly have a great impact on individuals. Please read through some testimonials we’’ve gathered from our happy patients.

When you meet with any of the Northwest Houston Surgical Association surgeons for a bariatric surgery consultation near Houston or Cypress, TX they will carefully consider what will help you attain the best possible outcome for you and your lifestyle. They will educate you until they are convinced that you understand the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery. Houston, TX and Cypress weight loss surgery candidates can request a consultation online or by calling our office at 713-426-2400.

Jessica Weight Loss Before and After

Jessica S.

Like many people, I had struggled with my weight for most of my life. And not unlike many people I had tried every diet in the book. A few years ago I ran into an old friend who had obviously lost a lot of weight and looked great! I remember thinking how happy she looked. I asked her what her secret was and she told me that she had had bariatric surgery in Houston, TX. I was at a point where I was feeling very defeated by my struggle with weight. I considered myself a fairly successful person. In fact, most everything I set my mind to do I was able to successfully accomplish except for sustained weight loss.

Walking into Dr. Leiva’s office for my initial weight loss surgery consultation in Houston was the hardest thing I had done in a long time. I felt as if I was throwing in the towel and admitting defeat because I couldn’t lose weight on my own and keep it off. Dr. Leiva made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. He always took the time to discuss questions I had until I felt like I had the answers I needed.

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    Dr. Fadner is fellowship trained in Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery and Bariatric Surgery and offers a wide range of general surgery operations to his patients.

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    A certified General Surgeon at the forefront of single incision and robotic general surgery. Dr. Leiva also has a special interest in primary and revision, advanced laparoscopic.

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    As a highly skilled and fellowship trained weight loss surgeon, Dr. Amr is skilled in laparoscopic foregut surgery and bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

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    Dr. Ayyar has pioneered minimally invasive surgery in the West and Northwest Houston area. His expertise in minimally invasive and endocrine surgery allow him to perform parathyroid operations.

After doing my research and considering all the options, I decided to have the Roux En Y Gastric Bypass. As a nurse, I was definitely nervous because I know that no surgery is without risk. But the way I saw it, I was taking a calculated risk in order to avoid a lifetime of the many risks associated with obesity. I have maintained an 80 lb. weight loss for almost 2 years now and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I am glad I swallowed my pride and sought the help of Dr. Leiva and I am telling you my story now because someone shared theirs with me and it changed my life!

Weight loss before and after

Magdalena G.

La cirugía bariátrica causo un cambio muy importante en mi persona y en mi vida; las fotos muestran el cambio visible a los ojos, pero el cambio más importante que yo he tenido no se ve en las fotografías. Este Cambio es el que me hace sentir mucho mejor, me refiero a mi autoestima y mi salud; me siento mucho mejor físicamente y conmigo misma. Esto se refleja en mi vida diaria; personal y professional.

El Dr. Jorge Leiva ha sido un excelente médico, gracias a sus recomendaciones tome la mejor decisión en cuanto al tipo de cirugía. El es una persona con amplio conocimiento, excelente trato con las personas y con mucha paciencia.

Michael before and after

Michael F.

It would be easier to list how my life has not changed after my RNY/Gastric Bypass. My surgery was on 9 November ‘09, I was 42 years old and told I was MORBIDLY obese. I was taking two blood pressure medicines. I was not able to keep up with my 9-year-old son because I was in pain 100% of the time and, truthfully, I was extremely depressed.

I was very skeptical of the outcome of my surgery but Dr. Leiva assured me if I followed “the plan” I would do great. He could not have been more right; to date I have lost 180 pounds (from my heaviest weight). There is nothing I cannot do now, as this surgery has given me back my life and allowed me to sleep without my sleep machine (safely) and I am off all of my medications.

More importantly, it has given my kids their Dad back and my wife her husband. I can run circles around most people my age and I love it! I workout 2 to 3 hours a day and try to run 2 to 3 times a week, of which I wasn’t able to do anything close to that pre surgery. I cannot tell you how much I recommend the surgery (RNY, Lap, or Sleeve) and Dr. Leiva and his staff. If you are considering having weight loss surgery in Houston, remember no one can change your life but you. Take control and with help from the surgery you WILL SUCCEED! EAT HEALTHY and STAY FIT.

Desiree Weight Loss Before and After

Desiree G.

South Beach, Atkins, and Grapefruit diet. If you are like me you know all these names very well. I had tried all the fad diets, lost 20 gained it all back, lost 50 even 60 pounds to eventually gain it all back. I knew that I needed to do something because no matter how hard I tried, I was not succeeding alone.

After having two children and trying to take care of a career and a family, I looked in the mirror one day and realized that at the age of 27 I weighed 250 pounds, was wearing a size 26, was on medication for high blood pressure, had high cholesterol, and pains in my joints. I was on a deadly road at a very young age.

I realized that I needed to do something with my body before I killed myself with food, if not for myself, for my children. I went on one more diet effort before I contacted Dr. Leiva.

When I met with Dr. Leiva, I weighed in at 235. Dr. Leiva explained the Lap-Band®procedure to me from beginning to end, what the surgery entailed, and how to get before and after support. He was very kind and patient throughout the whole process. So I decided to have the surgery performed on December 19, 2008.

After the surgery my process was a long and drawn out one. Unlike Gastric Bypass patients, I started by losing approximately 8 lbs a month. It was a bit discouraging because I had friends and coworkers who were losing more than 20 lbs a month directly after surgery. However, I continued changing my eating habits and slowly becoming more active with walking and exercising. I started to feel better physically and mentally about myself. With each Lap-Band fill, I had to start over with my diet, liquids, then soft solids, then regular diet. You have to be very self disciplined, you have to be more cautious as to what and how much you eat. You must realize that there are some foods that you may never eat again and that is very hard, also. This is not a cure all to weight loss; it is a tool, which is a very hard lesson to learn.

Today, I weigh 135 pounds! I wear a size 6. I am no longer on high blood pressure medication and my cholesterol has also levelled out. I have energy to do things and am very active with my children. Anyone inquiring about the surgery should do their research and decide if it is the best thing for them. It has been a life changing experience for me, but one that I would do over and over again if given the choice based on my results.

When you meet with any of the Northwest Houston Surgical Association surgeons for a bariatric surgery consultation near Houston or Cypress, TX they will carefully consider what will help you attain the best possible outcome for you and your lifestyle. They will educate you until they are convinced that you understand the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery.

Kennerson Weight Loss Before and After

A. Kennerson

I just wanted to thank Dr. Amr and his entire staff for changing my life. The Gastric Sleeve surgery was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Before the surgery I had health problems. Now my health problems have gone away. I have gone from a size 18 to a size 6. I am living a much healthier and energetic life. If you are considering the surgery, Dr. Amr is definitely the surgeon you want performing it. My surgery was a complete success without a complication.

If you’re ready to improve your life, request a consultation online or call our office at 713-426-2400 for more information.