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The Lap-Band procedure was a life-changing endeavor for Desiree. She has maintained a 100 pound weight loss, no longer needs cholesterol and blood pressure medication, and most importantly, plays with her children.

When patients come to Northwest Houston Surgical Association for LAP-BAND®surgery[Close Span] at our Houston practice, they are ready to make a major change in their life. As one of the more popular weight loss procedures, LAP-BAND® surgery allows patients to take control of their weight and achieve a healthy, maintainable weight by allowing them to feel fuller, sooner. Many come to our practice to see how LAP-BAND® surgery can help give them the kick-start they need to live their best lives.[Close Div]

When you meet with any of the NHSA surgeons for a consultation, they will carefully consider what will help you attain the best possible outcome for you and your lifestyle. They will educate you until they are convinced that you understand the risks and benefits of LAP-BAND® surgery. Request a consultation online or call our office at 713-426-2400 for more information about how you can take the steps toward being your best self.

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The actual LAP-BAND® that gets placed around the stomach is a soft, inflatable saline ring, and is inserted over the upper portion of the stomach. This creates a small stomach pouch, which slows the passage of food to the digestive system. It allows patients to feel full after smaller meals, therefore resulting in weight loss.

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One of the advantages of a LAP-BAND® procedure for Houston or Cypress patients: the band can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of saline in the ring through a tube connected to an access port by your surgeon. This access port is surgically implanted beneath the patient’s skin and fat, and can barely be seen or felt once implanted. LAP-BAND® surgery in Houston from one of our skilled surgeons is one of the more advanced procedures as we use laparoscopic techniques that include small incisions.


Benefits of LAP-BAND®Risks of LAP-BAND®
  • Adjustable
  • Dramatically improves health problems related to obesity including diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Early complication rate is lower compared to other weight-loss surgeries
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Malnutrition complications are rare
  • Weight loss is slow and steady
  • Late complication rate is higher compared to other weight-loss surgeries
  • Takes longer to lose weight compared to other weight loss procedures
  • Successful weight loss is dependent on the frequency of follow-up visits
  • Wear and tear of device, which may require replacement

If you are seriously considering LAP-BAND® surgery in the Houston area, you are likely wondering what criteria there are to have the procedure.

Typically, LAP-BAND® candidates have a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or more. Also, the procedure is a good option for patients that are at a higher risk for more invasive procedures such as Gastric Bypass due to health complications.

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for the procedure is to meet with one of our skilled surgeons and weigh the pros and cons of the surgery.


Unlike other weight loss procedures, LAP-BAND® surgery will leave Houston and Cypress women and men losing weight at a slow pace. During this period of follow up appointments with your doctor, you can determine how to adjust the band.

The first adjustment to your band will typically take place about 6 weeks after your surgery. At this point, the LAP-BAND® is adjusted by filling (or draining) it with saline to make it tighter (or looser). Adjustments are simple office procedures during which a needle is inserted through the skin into the LAP-BAND® port that was surgically placed underneath the skin by the surgeon. Over the first year, most of our patients only require about 5 to 8 adjustments.

Typically, these are the signs that you may need an adjustment:

  • Acid reflux or discomfort when you haven’t eaten food
  • No discomfort when you eat (your band is too loose)
  • No weight loss

It’s important that patients return to their original diet progression, liquid to soft food to normal food, as directed by your doctor after each adjustment.

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